The Impact Precision Golf Difference

Why should you get fit by us here at Impact Precision Golf versus other retailers or at a demo day, the main reason is our attention to the details that matter. First off how many demo days or other retailers take the time to measure or check the loft and lie angle of the demo club they hand you to try out, or for that matter how many of them measure your current clubs loft and lie angle that you are comparing against the new clubs? The answer very few to most of the time NONE! So, for example let’s say your current set of clubs is the Callaway X20’s your 6 irons loft set from the factory should be 30*. Let’s say you are trying out some of the new offerings Callaway, Mizuno and Titleist just name a few. The loft on the Callaway Steelhead XR 6 iron is 26*, the loft on the Mizuno 900 Hot Metal is 27* and the loft on the Titleist 716 AP1 is 28*. Right there you can see it is not a fair comparison at all you are set up to be SOLD a set of clubs that are better than what you currently have. At Impact Precision Golf, we want to make sure any club you purchase from us it’s because they are truly fit better for your swing, you might ask how we can do that? One reason is we would make sure all the lofts are the same for each person getting fit so it is a truly fair comparison between clubs this way we can show that the club head, swing weight, lie angle, shaft, shaft weight, shaft flex, length etc. all make a difference when they are perfectly fit to your swing.

Another big difference is we offer to build the clubs for you right here at our studio and have them ready for you in 7-10 business days in most instances we also keep you up to date on when you will have your clubs ready. This way we control the build and specs of your golf club not some assembly line of shift workers. Your clubs will be built by golfers/fitters/players who know all these small things make a big difference in the playability of your golf clubs.

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